Sunglass Hut In-Store Communications Program

An incredibly successful and award-winning program for Sunglass Hut stores worldwide, this modular system of promotional and brand-driven communications allowed for easy and affordable adaptations. The first installation of this concept in the UK helped that store easily exceed sales goals and was subsequently rolled out to other Sunglass Hut stores around the globe.

Client: FRCH Design Worldwide for Luxottica Retail  
Credits: Creative Direction: Christian Davies, Tim Smith; Graphic Design: Tim Smith, Brandon Page, Lucy Steadman, Doug Bunker, Jessica Beck; Interior Design: Robyn Novak, Cathleen Coleman; Other Creative Contributions: Bink Zengel, Nadine King (Luxottica)

ILORI Exterior and Interior Brand Expresssion, Wailea, Maui

As a new premium brand that was evolving quickly within its network of retail venues located in select cities in North America and beyond, ILORI was in need of a more consistent and compelling representation of its identity on storefronts and within the store environs. Based on the brands existing color scheme, a color shift automotive paint finish became a striking background for all applications of the logo. As shoppers approach the store, the color field shifts from a deep, rich metallic red to a radiant metallic yellow gold. Other elements of the identity were extracted and used in an exaggerated scale to amplify this unique brand’s essence.


German Village Placemaking & Urban Wayfinding Program

Tim Smith led efforts to develop a masterplan for the strategy, creation and implementation of a comprehensive signage program for German Village in Columbus, Ohio - a historic neighborhood that is considered a model of urban neighborhood preservation and revitalization. This extensive document will serve as a guide for all endeavors related to the program, helping to familiarize and orient individuals and firms who participate, as well as helping to reinforce current community guidelines and establish axioms for continuity as the program expands.


Schiller Monument Markers

The Friends of Schiller Park implemented a plan to integrate the story of German poet, philosopher, historian and playwright Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller into the monument which features a statue of Schiller - presented to the park by the villagers in 1891. Tim Smith designed a series of four circular plaques, mounted on the existing wrought-iron fence at each corner of the monument. Each sign is part of a progressive narrative leading visitors around the monument. The circular form was chosen to feel as though it were an integral part of the existing wrought-iron.